It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Katrina from The Virtual Force.

Katrina is approachable, and extremely helpful with assisting me with my extensive administrative and client liaison tasks.

Katrina is efficient, knowledgeable and has offered advice directed at seamless productivity within the processes we currently use.

Katrina is proactive in researching industry and ensures she is familiar with the use of different programs that we use.

Before utilising Katrina's services I was unaware of the positive impact and support virtual assistants can offer your business. It is an ideal option for businesses who experience peak times, where extra support is required, or if there is fluctuation with the requirement of administrative assistance.

When we require attention on our projects, we can rely on Katrina from The Virtual Force to keep us on track. Then when times are less busy we do not need to pay unnecessary wages, as Katrina works on a needs basis. It is clever business.

After using The Virtual Force, I highly recommend this option, and encourage you to contact Katrina at the Virtual Force, as she is sure to offer an impressive service, which in result can accelerate your business goals and successes. 



—  Shelley Good, Vet Training Professional