Are you bogged down in an administration nightmare? Do you find yourself spending your weekends, or working late into the night, just to get your admin tasks completed?  Would you like to focus on the things in your business that you are passionate about and really love? Then, I am the lady to help you achieve your goals!

My name is Katrina and I am a Small Business Support Specialist - more commonly known as a Virtual Assistant (VA) - with over 10 years experience in Administration.

With a strong passion for customer service and helping Small Business achieve their goals, I love connecting with others and solving problems for my customers & clients - making their lives easier in the process. 

The great thing about what I do is that I am here to support you and your business when you need it offering a service that brings great flexibility by giving you the option of an additional team member when required with no extra overheads... you pay for the hours worked - that’s it!


If you have questions, or just want to find out more, click on the ‘Get in Touch’ button below to arrange a quick chat!

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